Mission Statement  


At Speight Middle School, we believe each child can grow and improve socially and academically.  We believe that the support of our teachers, parents, and community will bring a high level of success to our students.  We believe that our students can maintain high standards of performance and can contribute to a safe environment by displaying mutual respect for each other.  We believe that our school will continue to be more successful and will be a constant source of pride for our community. 


Speight Middle School will be a safe haven for students and staff and one, which is conducive to the academic success of all students. Our success will be fostered by the continuous support of our staff, parents and the school community.  Through our efforts to practice and display mutual respect and to maintain high standards of performance.  Speight Middle School will reach school-wide goals for student achievement. Our school will become a model of educational excellence and a source of pride for the community.

  About The School  

About Speight Middle School

Speight Middle School first opened its doors in the fall of 1951 at 6640 Speight School Road.  At that time, however , Speight School stood as the only school on this side of Wilson County where young black children could receive a high school education.  Before Speight opened, black students were only provided with a 7th grade education.  Recognizing the need for further educational opportunities, concerned citizens began meeting to organize their efforts to provide a high school education for their children.  It took ten years, a lawsuit, and a donation of land, but Speight School was finally opened.  The school started out with a faculty of 24 teachers, a librarian and a principal.  By the end of its third year, it was the largest high school in the county, with 40 teachers and approximately 1100 students.  At its peak, Speight School served over 1400 students a year.  In 1970, Speight became a middle school when the integration of the county system was complete.  Speight Middle School was reopened in a beautiful new facility on Old Stantonsburg Road July on 2001.  Although we were all excited about the new facility, the faculty and staff of Speight are dedicated to maintaining its positive reputation, high standards of excellence, and high quality of education for our students.  Through the efforts of our staff, students, parents, and community supporters, we know that Speight Middle School will continue to be a symbol of educational excellence and opportunity in the Wilson County area.